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With a robust, ongoing Google Ads campaign, your enterprise can increase its public visibility and, ultimately, improve its bottom line, but the question is how long does it take to see results from Google Ads
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How Long Does it Take to Get Results from Google Ads?

With a robust, ongoing Google Ads campaign, your enterprise can increase its public visibility and, ultimately, improve its bottom line. However, there are many different variables that can affect how long it takes to see results.

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Realtor happy with the results of RealDigiAds as she increased her leads and sales
RDA Success Tips
Realtor Success Tips

Google Ads For Real Estate Agents: Helping Realtors Harness a Winning, Competitive Advantage

RealDigiAds is a pre-optimized real estate marketing system that leverages the world’s #1 search engine that reaches 90% of internet browsers – Google.

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a realtor holding a house and keys to show how simple it was to gain seller and buyer clients with the help of RealDigiAds
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Realtor Success Tips

Three Bulletproof Real Estate Advertising Strategies

As a realtor, you know that being discovered by home buyers and sellers is essential for your business. You’ve probably already established a presence in your local community through direct mail or word of mouth, and now you want to grow your business online. You’re most likely reading this because you are wondering how to spend your real estate advertising budget wisely.

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RealDigiAds helping a realtor to utilize our simple Google Ads platform as the best alternative to zillow advertising
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The Best Alternative to Zillow Advertising and Why You Need it

In the current digital landscape, realtors typically seek help from one of the two distinct mediums for their real estate advertising: Zillow advertising or Google Ads.

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Most businesses, if not all, have been impacted by the digital revolution, and real estate is certainly no exception. In February 2006, a new site called launched and changed the real estate industry forever.
When someone performs a search on Google, the search engine scours its index for highly relevant content in the order it thinks will solve the searcher's query. This is why content is king with Google search.
You've decided to bring your business to the next level by subscribing to RealDigiAds to advertise your services on Google. Here's how to get started maximizing your ROI for your campaigns and which areas to focus on to get successful website conversions that lead to sales.
Google uses the PPC Advertising model (Pay Per Click) for search advertising. When Realtors use RealDigiAds to create PPC Advertising campaigns on Google, the actual price they pay for each click in their PPC marketing campaigns is known as Cost Per

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