Pay for performance with Google Ads

Pay for performance with Google Ads

RealDigiAds Pro

Access RealDigiAds with
simple, pay-as-you-go pricing

$ 149 / mo

Your subscription does not include the cost to advertise on Google


Design a custom package for your team

Available for brokerages with 15+ Realtors

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Dedicated support manager

All RealDigiAds plans include the following:


Robust platform to build optimized ads

Use our platform to build effective Google Ads campaigns easily and successfully.


Save time with pre-configuration

Our predefined campaigns allow you to achieve your desired goals with no prior knowledge.


Create unlimited

Create as many campaigns as you'd like to improve your visibility in your target areas.


Comprehensive keyword glossary

The research has been done for you. Use our keyword glossary for a successful campaign.


Simple and easy-to-understand reporting

View campaign, keyword, and ad reports that prove the value of your Google Ads campaign.


Manage optimizations with a unified dashboard

Take action from the dashboard to optimize campaigns for a better quality score.


Chat and email

Achieve your desired goals with expert help from our Realtor Success team.


No commitment - cancel anytime

Use our platform with ease and peace of mind knowing that you can cancel anytime.

Validated & tested to hyper-accelerate revenue growth through our founder’s case study which shows that, Realtors advertising on Google can see a 360% increase in revenue with help from RealDigiAds.

Grow your real estate business using RealDigiAds

Platform for Realtors to easily create Google Ads campaigns that generate leads effectively.

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